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"Extreme" shooting with Cayley and Wyatt

This is not a shoot I'm going to forget quickly. My cousin is getting married to this amazing girl, Cayley, in February and Pablo and I will be shooting their wedding photographs. I cannot wait, as it's going to be my first Cape wedding. So just to get them used to the camera, we did an engagement shoot. We went a bit extreme with locations, but it was so much fun. We started off at the roof top of my bulding in North Beach. After getting most of the shots, we were quickly escorted off, as one of the building managers spotted us and wanted us out. haha. At least we got most of the shots we needed. From there we went for a quick bite and waited for the sun to set, so we could head into city centre for some night shots with the christmas lights. We got all sorts of unwanted attention, some fun and some not so fun. It was an experience I'll never forget. After a city local kindly told us to watch our backs, we packed up and headed back to safe territory. From there we took a few photographs on the piers at the beach front, which felt alot safer. I think we were all a bit shaken up after the dangers we just escaped of Durban city at night. When the rain started , we called it a night and ended this first session. On a seperate day, I had a family shoot out in Salt Rock, so directly after that, Cayley and Wyatt met up with me for a few last photographs on the beach. Inbetween the rain, we managed to get some pretty cool shots and I think it's safe to say that these 2 are wedding photography ready. I Cannot wait for the 28th Feb 2015. You two are amazing and I really had a lot of fun working with you.


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