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Behind the scene's with Koogan Pillay

A few of you have experienced the task involved in arranging decor for a wedding (week), so I've decided to do something that'll help future brides along their way. I'll be featuring some of Durban's top decor companies right here on the blog. You'll get to know a little bit more about the decor company, as well as get to view some of the work they've done, which I've had the opportunity of capturing personally. Today we feature well known Durban decor company, Koogan Pilly. This chic morrocan night before Function featured here, is that of Fatima Joosab & Mohammed Gafar.

About Koogan Pillay...

What is the name of your company?

We have two registered companies, for our wedding work; we trade as KP Set Design and for our commercial art gigs/corporates we trade as Kreative Perspectives.

How long has the company been running?

The family business has been running just over 50 years. (since 1965)

Who are the key members of your company?

The Creative arts are a family trade and we are a third generation family business.

Clients can contact Koogan, Sabash or Kai.

Where are you based?

We are based in the Durban North Area, but handle work throughout Durban- we also travel out nationally for select events.

Do you have a specific style when it comes to decor?

It’s always said that art imitates life, and in a similar vein we like to think that our style is always fluid- changing with the trends or flavours of the week. That being said, Koogan comes from a theatre background and has studied Fine Art abroad, which has led to a unique “ signature" on all our work. Whatever styles we tackle, or whatever visions we try interpret, we do so with utmost attention to detail, emphasis on build-quality and focus on overall aesthetic.

What is the process of booking you for a function/wedding?

Clients can simply Google “koogan pillay” and contact us via one of our many websites, they can also contact us via the Koogan Pillay Set Design Facebook Page, via email or phone directly through to our Studio/Office. Once they have secured an appointment with us; we will interpret their vision/brain storm ideas and provide them with a quotation. They can then secure their date with us by paying a small deposit as we work on a first come first serve basis.

How involved is the client in the creative process?

The client can be as involved as they would like! Sometimes clients rely almost completely on our creative vision; sometimes they just want to that “wow” to be a surprise on their big day. Other times clients love being kept updated each step of the way and as we progress: this is especially so when we custom build new sets for clients. We love inviting them over to our studio at regular intervals to see the progress of their set and get a glimpse into the set-building process!

Do you have any advice for future couples when it comes to choosing decor which would make the process smoother?

Clients are usually very well informed; they have either seen our work online or attend an event that we put together- so they are aware of our standard of work. We have such a large range of sets that encompass most budgets and tastes, that it’s not really choosing décor that slows the process. Sometimes the biggest thing is choosing a venue and knowing the benefits and disadvantages beforehand. If couples are after a big set but have booked a venue with a ceiling height of +- 2.5M, this poses a real challenge and sometimes they only really think about this once the venue has been booked. So firstly: choose the correct venue for your desired look and feel/decor. We offer clients a full 1 hour consultation free of charge, so its best to have some questions jotted down- this will definitely make the whole process smoother in general!

Fatima & Mohammeds night before function...

Where was this particular setup done?

Set-up was done at The Orient Islamic Hall

Were there any challenges setting up in this particular hall?

Everything was smooth sailing! We’ve been working at Orient Hall for over 3 decades, so we know the layout pretty well.

What was the influence for this setup?

Fatima and her Mum came to us with a grand vision of what they wanted their overall aesthetic to be. Words like “chic” “Moroccan-esque” and “Casablanca-flare” were definitely mentioned at our meetings. Gold and Navy with touches of white and exposed wood with lots of weathered elements were aesthetics that Fatima was after.

Were there any pieces that stood out for you?

There were so many intricate bits and bobs but one thing that comes to mind, were the new wooden tables that we custom built for Fatima’s Orient function. We used a new weathering technique and they really turned out great!

If you would like to get in touch with Koogan and his team, please see their contact details below:

Studio/Office: 031 564 1473

Mobile: 083 777 3765



Instagram: Koogan Pillay Set Design


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