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Uzayr & Raeesa, The Post Wedding Shoot: Part 4 of 4

And here we are at the final post. I've loved editing all Uzayr & Raeesa's photographs, but I have to admit that this post wedding shoot is personally the highlight for me and very likely one of my favourite shoots do date. When things are planned and they don't go according to those plans, it can often throw us off. It was one of those typical Durban days where the weather changed from sunny to a crazy storm within in an hour. Hair and Makeup had already been done, so there was no turning back. We had planned to shoot at the docks on Vic Embankment, but the weather was so bad that we had to stick to an indoor venue. So we went through to the Mehtar's place where we started shooting indoors. And what do you know, the weather started clearing up and we managed to shoot quite alot outdoors. I guess everything happens for a reason. I'm finding myself talking too much about things when all I really want to do is show you the images. So this is where I stop and show some of my proudest work to date.

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