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Raeesa Solwa's Mendhi Function: Part 1 of 4

Before I hit the publish button on this first post of four, I made sure Raeesa was ready and waiting to be one of the first to view her official preview. I too often get carried away and start posting things all over the internet and hardly think that of the fact that I should just maybe let the couple know first. Else they do hear about it down the grapevine.

So here we are, the first post of four. The Mendhi Function.

Raeesa's Mendhi was held on the 6th floor at the Coastlands Hotel in Musgrave. Once again, Cameron and his team took care of decor (all week) and did an incredible job once again. The room was dominated in purples and blacks with touches of pink and white which rounded everything up perfectly. And when Raeesa arrived, she blew everyone away with her gorgeous outfit, hair and makeup. The makeup was flawless of course, because it was done by the very talented Mishka Moosa. I don't know if it was planned this way, but her outfit stood out magnificently against the dark back drop of the room. I recall one of her friends saying that she looked like a true bollywood star. She could definitely walk down a red carpet and turn heads all around. Look at me, already blabbering away... sorry, lets get this write up complete so you can get onto the most important part... the photographs!

The evening was filled with entertainment, from drumming circles, to Mendhi (by my favourite Mendhi artist, Husnaa Kajee), a "Solympics" event, decadent dinner and evening wouldn't be complete without a bit of dancing. It was also the first time I'd stayed til the very end of a function, so I literally got to capture all the moments.

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