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Jutika's Mendhi

Jutika held her Mendhi at the Comsa Hall at Westville UKZN campus. When I walked into the room, my jaw just dropped. The decor was seriously amazing! And also because I've seen her work so many times before, I knew it was Jayshree Harie from Eastern Elegance. Besides the brides stage/seating area, there was ample lounging space for guests and a VIP lounge area as well. The whole setup just lent its hand to the most incredibly relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that evening. It was also my first time meeting Jutika and her family and I instantly loved them. They are all friendly, warm, inviting and alot of fun!!! After this Mendhi, I even thought to myself, I wonder if I could do something like this before my wedding day! haha. I really loved this function. And Jutika, you looked stunning from head to toe. Thank-you for letting me be part of this. Here is your Mendhi post...

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