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Jutika's Nelengu

I spent Wednesday night with Jutika and her family and absolutely loved them, so of course I was excted to spend Friday night with them. The room was completely transformed from the Wednesday night Mendhi. Some of my favourite things to see at functions is the decor and the bride/bride-to-be. And Jutika did not dissapoint for one second. The room looked magnificent, she looked out of this world, the entertainment was great, and the ladies even performed a dance to kick start the dance floor for the evening. I unfortunately had more shoots the following day, so couldn't stay too long. But once again, such an amazing evening. This is the Nelengu evening, also held at Comsa Hall in Westville UKZN.

Jutikas Nelengu-01.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-03.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-04.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-05.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-06.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-07.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-08.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-09.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-10.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-11.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-12.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-13.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-14.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-15.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-16.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-17.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-18.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-19.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-20.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-21.jpg
Jutikas Nelengu-22.jpg

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